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Introducing Crux Collaborative

The start of a New Year signals change – a chance to reset and begin anew. For some, this takes the form of an official New Year’s Resolution and plans for big life or behavior changes. For others, it is merely a time to reflect, assess, and reprioritize.

For us, the start of 2014 brings a new name, a new brand, and a continued commitment to a collaborative way of working – together and with our clients – to deliver the best user experiences.

EatonGolden is now Crux Collaborative.

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Giving Thanks

The month of November is often recognized as a time to express gratitude as we end the month with Thanksgiving and enter the holiday season.

Many of us at Crux Collaborative have been working with each other for the better part of a decade. We are a close-knit work family, and throughout the years we have shared many aspects of our lives with one another – we’ve celebrated each other’s ups and have provided support in times of need.

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Constant Evolution

After almost 20 years of helping large companies deploy technology for business growth, Emily Eaton is leaving Crux Collaborative (formerly EatonGolden) to focus on helping individuals use technology for personal growth.

Her business partners, John Golden and Mahtab Rezai — along with the rest of the staff — will stay right where we are, and Crux Collaborative will continue to focus on providing best-in-class user experience research and consulting for transactional and business-critical websites and applications.

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Productivity and Process – Our favorite ways to get work done

Here at Crux Collaborative, we have dozens of projects in various states of completion going on at any given time. How do we make sure all the moving pieces don’t become overwhelming? Which tools and methods we use to stay focused on the task(s) at hand? Since motivation is a uniquely personal thing, I asked each person on our team a few questions about their process and workflow. It was a fun way to learn something about each person, but also see the productivity landscape at Crux Collaborative!

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