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Don’t be Afraid to Start with Research

We often work with clients to update systems that haven’t been refreshed in a long time. Frequently clients plan to ‘start from scratch’ but don’t want to take time to study their existing system. Up front user research allows us to identify and prioritize the key things we need to focus on as we move forward with redesigning a system. Learn how you can get a clear understanding about what works and what doesn’t.

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You’re going shopping for a new website: Some helpful tips for selecting a vendor

The good news is that there are countless ad agencies, developers, and consultancies out there to choose from. The bad news, of course, is that all those options can be overwhelming. It’s the same paradox of choice that we experience staring at the giant wall of electronics—we know we need a television, but have no clue where our price range and list of priorities overlap with the array of choices in front of us.

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