Rebecca Grazzini

Senior User Experience Specialist

Rebecca has worked with teams to develop compelling digital experiences in a variety of industries including online education, health care, financial services, tourism, energy, and agriculture. Regardless of the title on her business card, she’s filled a variety of roles on projects, including: project manager, business analyst, digital strategist, content strategist, and user experience specialist. She has spent much of her career developing complex transactional experiences under strict regulatory constraints.

She is passionate about developing digital experiences to help real people. She gains an in-depth understanding of her client’s business and customers so she can develop solutions that meet both the customers needs and the client’s business goals.

Rebecca is a Senior User Experience Specialist at Crux Collaborative. Her primary areas of focus are information architecture, interaction design, content strategy, usability research, and user experience strategy. She particularly enjoys the challenge of highly complex design problems.

When she’s not pouring over content inventory spreadsheets or annotating wireframes, Rebecca spends much of her time engaging in numerous offline hobbies like reading, sewing, gardening, knitting, and a slew of other hobbies.

Rebecca’s Area of Focus:

  • Planning
  • User Research
  • UX Design

“An effective user experience is the cost of doing business. If you’re not committed to providing a great experience for your customers, someone else will.”

3 Truths + 1 Lie

She makes the most delicious dark chocolate sea salt caramels

Her great grandmother taught her how to pick a horse at the track

She was an award winning viola player in junior high

She knits her own wool socks


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