Tony Johnson

Senior Front-End Developer

Tony has spent more than a decade building interactive applications for a wide range of clients – including Fortune 50, public sector, and NGOs. Tony cut his teeth in interactive by managing user experience for the Twin Cities chapter of United Way, and then for Ocean Conservancy in Washington, D.C.

Tony is always looking for opportunities: to enhance user experience; to make systems more modular; to re-imagine the old way of doing things. His passion is creative problem solving.

Tony collaborates in the full life cycle of projects – bringing a unique blend of technical savvy, creativity and strategic thinking. His main focus is writing front-end code that puts users first, meets business objectives, and is a snap for back-end developers.

Tony loves travel adventures. He has survived an 8-foot snowstorm, an emergency river crossing in a flooding rainforest (in a Jeep he was driving) and a twilight rattlesnake encounter on mountain bike in the Utah desert… so far.

Tony’s Area of Focus:

  • Front-end UX Development
  • Implementation Specifications
  • Accessibility Assessments

“The days of Internet Explorer dragging us down are over. With those shackles finally loose, we are in the early days of a new world. Exceptional user experience across all media and devices is now the expectation of customers. Hooray!”

3 Truths + 1 Lie

Loves snowboarding

Has never been camping

Studied Japanese in college

Grew up in a small town


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