Fighting for equality, justice, and love for all: Crux Collaborative’s opposition of the Marriage Amendment

October 1, 2012

Throughout Crux Collaborative’s 12-year lifespan, like any good Minnesota native, we’ve stayed away from discussing politics and religion. Most of us at Crux Collaborative have strong individual opinions about current events and issues, but as a business, we didn’t feel it was appropriate to have an official point of view regarding topics that could be considered political or religious.

Until now.

Please join us in the fight against the Marriage Amendment.

This year, Minnesotans will be asked to vote on a proposed amendment that, if passed, will limit our freedom instead of protect it. The “Marriage Amendment” reads like this:

Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?

Some people may assume that this is about legalizing same-sex marriage. Read it again — it’s not. Its sole purpose is to eliminate the possibility that same-sex marriage might someday become legal.

This country has always observed a separation of church and state. We have yet to find a non-faith/belief-based argument against ensuring that gay families receive the same legal rights and civil liberties as heterosexual families.

So for the first time in Crux Collaborative’s history, we are publicly sharing our official position: We strongly oppose this amendment, and we urge you to VOTE NO.

Why we urge you to VOTE NO.

We think it is ridiculous — and horrifying — that Minnesotans are being asked to vote on something that would permanently discriminate against other Minnesotans.

This isn’t a political issue, and this isn’t a religious issue. This isn’t a debate of democrat vs. republican, liberal vs. conservative, or gay vs. straight. This is about making sure that every human being, and every family, can enjoy the same rights and protection as other families.

This is a human issue.

And because this issue is, at its core, about people, we think it’s important to hear from the people who work here. We asked EG-ers: Why are you voting NO?


In our own words:



John: I’ve been married for 14 years, and I would never support an amendment that says that some people’s committed relationships are less valid than mine – not to mention, would permanently prevent these people (and their children) from having the same legal rights that my family has.


Mahtab: Voting NO on this amendment is important to me because I see it as a human rights issue. Committed, loving families of all kinds should have equal rights. Simple as that.


Jen: I’m voting NO, not only because I support the right for everyone to love, but also because the idea of legislation designed to create a policy of discrimination — rather than protect against it — is simply horrifying.


Tony: My 7-year-old daughter cannot even fathom how one family could be considered legitimate while another is not – it’s a sad conversation to have. But I’m confident it’s one she won’t have with her children.


Annette: A loving relationship between a same-sex couple is just as valid as a loving relationship between one man and one woman – the same should go for a marriage and all the legal and financial benefits that marriage provides.


Katherine: I believe that equality isn’t something that you can discriminate about. Our country has always prided itself as being a land of freedom and opportunity. Writing discrimination into our constitution starts us down a dangerous path when it comes to civil liberties.


Katie: This amendment has been unfairly characterized as a “defense of marriage.” However, in order for there to be a defense, there needs to be an attack — and there has been no attack, only fear and intolerance. This is not an appropriate platform for legislation.

We admire the work of Minnesotans United for All Families.

No one is working harder to fight this amendment than Minnesotans United for All Families. They’ve used their resources to organize volunteers, and they’ve shared beautiful stories that remind us all, this is what family looks like. They’ve even created tv commercials, and paid for them to air during (expensive) prime-time TV shows.

So when our friends at Clockwork invited us to co-sponsor a fundraising event to benefit Minnesotans United for All Families, we knew it was time to make an exception to our very Minnesotan “no politics, no religion” policy.

We invite you to join us.

10 Reasons to Go, 1 Reason to Give is happening this Thursday, October 4, 2012. We are honored and excited to be a part of this fundraiser-slash-party, and we are proud that our sponsorship funds will help Minnesotans United for All Families fight the amendment. Please consider joining us, or make a donation:

  • Learn more about the event
  • Make a donation
  • Keep the conversation alive. Help your friends and family understand that supporting this amendment (voting “yes”) is tantamount to saying, “it is ok to offer lesser legal benefits and freedoms to some families – to some children.” And that is not ok. So please VOTE NO.

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