Evaluations, Assessments, and Planning

When you need expert input in order to understand the current state of your site, prioritize what needs to change or make improvements, our assessments and diagnostics can help.


UX Heuristic Evaluation/Expert Review


For clients who want an expert evaluation of the current strengths and weaknesses of a user experience that takes into account industry best practices, a UX Heuristic Evaluation/Expert Review is a great option. Our decades of experience working in the user experience field help us create actionable and impactful results.

Our team will collaborate with you to identify the user experience characteristics and best practices you are most interested in understanding and evaluating. We will then use that criteria to conduct an expert review of your site.

After conducting our review, we will prepare a report that identifies both key strengths and weaknesses of the experience. We will create recommendations for better alignment with your business goals and user experience best practices.


Accessibility Assessment


Ensuring your website is accessible for users with physical or cognitive impairments is critical to your project’s success. Whether you’re trying to conform to an imposed accessibility mandate, or just trying to learn your score, our expertise in Section 508 compliance and WCAG guidelines will give you the information you need in order to be successful.

The Accessibility Assessment will provide you with a detailed report revealing your website’s accessibility score based on national and international benchmarks.

The report will provide ready-to-implement code examples to help improve your score.

Once the Accessibility Assessment is delivered, our team can provide implementation consulting and support for content, design and code changes.

UX Planning


When it is time to bring together the business objectives, user objectives, and technology requirements into an actionable plan, it’s time for our planning services.

When our clients are planning a comprehensive redesign of a site or application, or creating one for the first time, our UX  Planning service ensures that all aspects of the user experience are taken into account.

We work with our clients to brainstorm, define, and prioritize the content and functional requirements of the website or application.

This service delivers a roadmap that outlines the most critical features and content for initial release, and also captures and prioritizes additional ideas that may be considered for future releases.

Do you need an expert analysis of the user experience of your site or application?



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