UX Design

Whether you need conceptual thinking, wireframes, visual design concepts, or front-end code we specialize in solving complex user experience problems.


Collaborative Design Concepting


The Collaborative Design Concepting service brings our multi-disciplinary team of practitioners together with our client’s project team and stakeholders to ideate, critique, and refine a user experience concept.

Our sketching methodology enables maximum input and participation by both the Crux Collaborative and client teams. We start with a kick-off “brain dump” meeting, and end with a summary presentation of a concept that everyone on the team has validated and is excited about.


User Experience Design


When it comes to user experience design, our clients need to ensure that their business-critical applications and sites work effectively and are easy to use.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to User Experience Design, starting with collaborative concept development. We then apply the chosen concept to the core functions of the application as we develop information architecture documentation, visual interface design options, and design prototypes.

We typically wrap up the design phase with a usability study to validate the overall direction with target users, and find ways to further optimize the solution.


Digital Brand Standards


This service is perfect for clients who have established brand guidelines and standards but may be struggling to implement them online. Often high-level brand guidelines don’t account for online-specific visual components that may create usability challenges during the implementation.

We will help you to identify your online needs and work within your existing identity standards and brand guidelines to develop critical components necessary for online implementation. These may include: button styles, navigation structures for primary page template, error messaging styles, common nomenclature etc.

Our Digital Brand Standards service has helped many organizations effectively implement their brand online in a manner that preserves brand integrity while maximizing usability and effectiveness for the online or mobile channel.


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