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UX Doesn’t Stop at Design

Learn about the best way to ensure that you create an experience that meets the needs of your business and your users by allocating time and budget for UX collaboration throughout the implementation process.

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Are you speaking your customer’s language?

Companies that lead with their own language and internal positioning generally make assumptions about the level of understanding or knowledge their audience has about them and the product or service they offer. As user experience practitioners we first try to understand how someone uses something instead of solving problems based on a collection of assumptions, technical feasibility and shortcuts.

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It Is All about Consistency

Recognizable and familiar patterns are effective because they help set and maintain users expectations. It’s easy to confidently navigate a site or process under these conditions because you know what’s going to happen when you take an action.

The value of consistency is by no means limited to websites or applications. In this article, we hope to demonstrate its importance by taking a step outside the digital realm.

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Wait, do we have a Frankenstein?

Frankensteins are web applications that are not allowed to die, despite haunting everyone who uses or works on them. In this article, we’ll help you identify if you have a Frankenstein — and provide some guidance on how you can deal with it if you do.

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