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Wait, do we have a Frankenstein?

Frankensteins are web applications that are not allowed to die, despite haunting everyone who uses or works on them. In this article, we’ll help you identify if you have a Frankenstein — and provide some guidance on how you can deal with it if you do.

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The Power of In-Person Interviews

In-person, one-on-one interviews help us capture intricacies and behavior patterns that we may not pick up over the phone or with an online testing methodology. It allows us to collaborate with our client’s end users, connect with them as humans and gain deep understanding about what is important to them.

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Keys to a Good User Experience: Stepped Process

Good user experience design can fall apart when just one feature is executed poorly. One of the areas that we often see this kind of unraveling occur is in the stepped process.

Many websites employ a stepped process to guide the user through a complex set of tasks such as site registration or configuration and purchase of a product or service. Creating an intuitive, easy-to-use stepped process helps users avoid frustration and successfully complete a primary task or business process.

There are three primary reasons to use a stepped process: to logically group inputs, set clear expectations for the user, and to track progress within a complex process.

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What is Your Link Language?

Do you remember the first web pages you visited? Back in those days, all links were treated exactly the same – every link on a page was blue and underlined, the text turned purple after the link was clicked. Best practices in usability and UI design for links have evolved since that time, but some foundational guidelines from that era still apply.

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