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Why Recruiting Can Make or Break a Research Study

The most frequently overheard comment during any usability study is: “Huh. I would never have guessed that!” You might think that is the most common quote because we test a lot of sites that are confusing, but you’d be wrong. That quote comes from clients in the observation room. No matter the type of business or website, we hear that quote at least once per usability study. Why? Because no matter how long you’ve worked on the website or how much you know about the product or business: you are not your target audience. Neither are your children, your co-worker, nor your neighbor.

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When to Hire a Consulting Firm and when to Hire an Agency

One of the most common questions I’m asked when I describe what we do at Crux Collaborative is: “What makes you different from a digital agency?” followed closely by “So, when should we hire you rather than an agency?” This is a topic that I’ve touched on previously in our Point of View newsletter—and one that garners a lot of interest. But it’s one that comes up often enough that it’s worth continuing to discuss.

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