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Episode 018: If you’re having participant problems, I feel bad for you son

In episode 018 we discuss what happens when the participant in a research study isn’t….. participating, and what to do about it.


Episode 017: Fear Not The Fold

In episode 017 we discuss the fold, what it is, where it came from, whether you should fear it (spoiler: you shouldn’t), and what you can do to create designs that encourage scrolling.


Episode 016: Usability Testing for Mobile Apps

In episode 016 we discuss usability testing for mobile apps and share a number of valuable lessons about good and not so good ways of conducting these studies. .


Episode 015: Accessibility Basics: What is it? Why does it matter? Why should I care?

In episode 015 we talk accessibility. What is it? Where did it come from? Why should you care? We cover these basics and more.


Episode 014: Conducting Research Without a Test Plan

In episode 014 we discuss when and why you might conduct research without a test plan, or not follow the test plan verbatim.


Episode 013: Creating Prototypes for Usability Research

In episode 013 we discuss what goes into building a prototype for a usability study, including what needs to work and what you can fake as well as the pros and cons of editing the prototype during the study.


Episode 012: Agency vs. Consultancy: What are some differences?

In episode 012 we discuss what makes agencies and consultancies different from one another, and how those differences show up in the end product as well as the work process.


Episode 011: Conducting Research on “Difficult” Topics: What to Know, Think About, and Plan For

In episode 011 we discuss conducting usability on “difficult” topics—when the subject is considered private, embarrassing or difficult, or sad and unthinkable. We share some considerations and how we prepare for these research studies in order to help them go smoothly and succeed.


Episode 010: Collaborating with In-house UX Teams

Overview: In episode 010 we continue our conversation about in-house UX teams. We discuss what we’ve observed about successful in-house UX teams, how we collaborate with them, and the factors that result in a successful collaboration.


Episode 009: Not Your Father’s Forms

In episode 009 we talk form design- and about the ways we can make forms more inclusive and accessible when it comes to capturing information about gender, race, and marital status.


Episode 008: Avoiding User Research Fails

In episode 008 we continue our conversation about user research #FAILS, talk about how to prevent them as well as when it might make sense to allow the fail. We also talk ulab bloopers, and why you should build an emergency exit into your testing scenario.


Episode 007: When the Prototype is a Fail

Episode 007 is the first of two conversations with Larisa Brandt about user research. In the first part of the conversation, we talk about what happens when you take a prototype into user testing and it performs poorly.


Episode 006: Edge Cases

Episode 006 is all about edge cases, sometimes called fringe cases: what they are, why they matter, how to (and how not to) address them during the user experience design process.


Episode 005: In-house User Experience Part 1: Making the Right Hire

This episode is the first of a two-part series in which we discuss how organizations can get the most out of their in-house UX teams and what to consider when hiring in-house UX talent. In part two, we’ll discuss how external consultants can best support and supplement in-house UX staff.


Episode 004: Collaboration Killers

In this episode we discuss the Top 5 Collaboration Killers we’ve encountered, and talk about what to do to mitigate them.


Episode 003: Design Patterns are Your Friends

In episode 003 of the Crux of It, we focus on design patterns – what they are, why they matter, and we address 4 design patterns to pay attention to in order to improve usability.


Episode 002: UX of Delivering Healthcare Online

In episode 002 of The Crux of It, we talk about the defining characteristics of an audience that’s seeking care online and tell you about 4 things to avoid when designing user experiences that deliver healthcare online.


Episode 001: Heuristic Evaluations: What and Why?

In this episode we discuss Heuristic Evaluations. What they are, how they’re conducted, how they are like shampoo and therapy. Nope, that’s not a typo. We also share 5 things we find in almost every evaluation we conduct so that you can learn from our experience and start improving your site or application right away.


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