Mike mcclure


Mike’s involvement with user experience work since the early ’90s has served him well — all the way into the current state of UX development. Decades of digital problem-solving have also given him a crystal-clear sense of what makes for a successful user experience.

“The tools and processes for creating great UX keep evolving,” Mike says. “But one thing hasn’t changed: the goal of making sure users are central to a digital solution.”

In his multi-dimensional role at Crux Collaborative, Mike defines a project’s technical strategy while staying directly involved in UX development, including front-end coding, accessibility optimization, and animated guided tour videos. And he does it organically, without the restrictions of typical agency protocols. “I can partner with any team member or principal without concerns about reporting levels or manager approvals,” he says. “I also work autonomously when I need to. I don’t think that would happen anywhere else.”

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"one thing hasn’t changed: the goal of making sure users are central to a digital solution.”