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Your Online Training Materials Don’t Have to Suck

How do you know if you’re undermining the effectiveness of your online training? And how do you create and maintain a stellar online training experience in your organization?
In this Point of View article, we discuss ways to identify issues in your current online training materials, and what you can do to create a more effective training experience.

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Good for Business: A Custom Offline Demo of Your Secure Website

You’re wearing your matching socks and shoes. Your presentation is rehearsed and flawless. You’ve been “guaranteed” the test environment will work, so you can show off your site and impress a big potential client.

We’ve all been there. You know what comes next. You open the browser only to discover the test environment is down for maintenance or, even worse, it’s acting buggy.

Nothing derails a sales demo more powerfully than showing a site that doesn’t work. You may fumble around until you find a PDF with screen captures. But no amount of sweeping hand gestures and enthusiastic language can replace an actual working demo.

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