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A truly cohesive user experience is mostly invisible; it just makes life easier.

Because we don’t care about leaving our mark on your interface, we’re never tempted to waste your time or your budget fixing things that aren’t broken. Instead, we build on your existing foundation wherever possible, and help it function even more efficiently.

From defining the right objectives to evaluating outcomes, our services address a broad spectrum of your business-critical user experience challenges.

User Experience Planning and Foundation

Set the stage for the project to succeed. User Experience Planning and Foundation activities give your team the opportunity to clarify and prioritize your business objectives and give our team the opportunity get familiar with work that has already been completed.

These activities prepare the full team to collaborate effectively without wasting time, energy, or budget.

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Why you need this:

  • label You have already done some work to understand what value a new or redesigned application offers, but you are not sure if the work that was done was comprehensive
  • label You know your site or application is not accessible for those with disabilities and you don’t know where to begin
  • label Your full team doesn’t really understand or align with the business objectives that will drive user loyalty, growth and revenue because all of the requirements are coming from one part of the business or are being mandated by a single individual
  • label You have a lot of ideas but you are not sure what to focus on that will have the greatest impact to the bottom line

Demos & Prototypes

Help develop, innovate and sell online products and digital services for your organization with an online demo. Demos and prototypes can help companies see if a new product makes sense to your end users, help show customers how they can use your system, and help your sales team show off your product or service to potential clients.

We make a wide range of online demos and prototypes for companies that are looking to showcase their online product or service. Our sales demos can feature various user scenarios and data sets without needing an internet connection or reliance on a database. We can paint a full picture of the range of business value an application has by using fictional users and scenarios that address your business objectives. Our clients also use demos for staff training, developing a proof of concept, and testing the value of new features and functionality.

Why you need this:

  • labelYou have a HIPAA compliant web site that your sales team is excited to showcase but can’t allow general login access for security reasons
  • labelYou have a great idea for a product, and you need to develop a proof of concept in order to get the funding you need
  • labelYou want to add some major new functionality to your web site, but you are not sure if your users will be on board
  • labelYour offshore team is having trouble implementing your agency’s design and they need a better example of how the site is going to flex in a mobile browser
  • labelYou need to provide a training tool for your customers and salespeople
  • labelYou have a big tradeshow/presentation coming up and you need to show your product, but you don’t want to rely on the local Internet connection

User Research

Learn more about the behavior and needs of your end users. Many businesses approach the creation or redesign of an application with an internal focus and make assumptions about what their end users want and need. These assumptions can result in a disconnect between you and your customers and create reduced sales and loyalty.

Conducting effective research will help you understand what currently works, what is creating problems, and where there may be an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

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Why you need this:

  • label Your team feels like or assumes they understand your end users, but no one has actually talked to anyone
  • label You’ve used quantitative research to get a good general idea of what your users find valuable, but you’ve never observed someone using your site or application
  • label You know that there are a lot of problems on your site and you need to prioritize the ones that will make the biggest impact
  • label Your data and analytics are telling you that there’s an issue with abandonment or drop off on a particular step or page but you can’t understand why

Collaborative Concepting and Co-Creation

Innovate effectively. Our team never creates concepts in a vacuum. We create them by maximizing the expertise your team brings about your business combined with our team’s expertise in solving complicated User Experience problems.

Collaborative design reduces design time and implementation time. It surfaces new ways to solve your business problem by unifying your team around a concept that is technically feasible while also meeting business and user requirements and objectives.

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Why you need this:

  • label You have a number of smart people on your team with a lot of ideas but you are not sure where to begin or put the focus
  • label You are redesigning an antiquated enterprise application that is really complicated and has many technical requirements and limitations
  • label Your team is trying to create and launch a new digital product
  • label You have a lot of requirements for new functionality and content but you are not sure how to present it to your end users in a way they will actually use or care about

User Experience Design

Great design solutions are dependent on establishing a solid foundation. We ensure that your application look greats while being technically feasible to implement. We also make sure that it resonates with end users.

When we’re (re)designing an experience, we always build a proof of concept prototype and get it in front of the people who will actually use it. Doing this ensures success at launch and prevents costly re-work.

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Why you need this:

  • label You have a lot of functionality, but no clear and consistent page structure, navigation and visual approach for the interface
  • label You recently developed a new brand system and you want to see how the visual design will play out in digital
  • label You’re evolving your existing web application to use a responsive design approach and you want to understand how to best optimize key content and functionality for various viewports (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • label There are a number of executive stakeholders in the mix and they typically have a hard time understanding the details when presented with static screens and black and white wireframes
  • label Your sales team wants to demonstrate the new application to prospects before it is released

Development and Implementation Consulting

Ensure a successful launch. The User Experience Design Phase typically addresses 80%-90% of the design patterns used in a website or application. During implementation the remaining 10-20% -- the features and pages that require special consideration begin to emerge.

Questions surface about how to address edge cases and other anomalies that were not addressed in the proof of concept prototype. We collaborate with the implementation team throughout the development process to ensure that the user experience and design system scales, evolves, and is properly executed at launch.

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Why you need this:

  • label You have a long development cycle with many sprints and iterations and several development phases and releases
  • label You have an off-shore team doing the vast majority of the development work and providing them with the right support is critical
  • label There are a lot of different roles, customer types and variations that will surface and create edge cases and/or a need for customized implementations
  • label Your technical team has been known to make decisions at the expense of the user experience