User Research

We offer user research services to meet every type of project need. We can evaluate user experiences on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

“Crux Collaborative helped us to better understand our users and find clarity around the features and functions they actually cared about. We learned more in one day from observing them than we did after 6 months of our own internal discussion.”  

– Large Health Insurance Company


Baseline Usability Study


For clients who are redesigning a website or application and want to understand its current strengths and weaknesses, a baseline usability study is the right approach. It will help identify ways to prioritize the changes that need to be made.

This type of evaluation typically takes 4-5 weeks from kick-off to report delivery.

Benefits of a Baseline Usability Study:

  • Clearly identify user needs – both validating what you know and identifying the unmet needs you may not be aware of.
  • Clearly prioritize enhancement needs: a baseline usability study clearly identifies the main priorities and areas for improvement and can help you direct project budgets and resources to the issues that will create the most impact for your business and your end-users.

We work collaboratively with you to:

Identify key audiences, their characteristics and recruit a sample set of participants for the study.

Identify the questions the research will answer (the research objectives) and use the objectives to develop a test plan.

Identify key findings from the research by providing an actionable report with examples that your team can use to confidently identify the enhancements, features, and content to focus on.


Prototype Usability Study


For clients who have already identified a candidate set of features and functionality to work with, a prototype usability study is a perfect next step. We can help you to validate your design decisions and optimize them before you build and launch your site or application.

A prototype usability study can be completed in as little as 1 week if the prototype and research participants are available.

Benefits of a Prototype Usability Study:

  • Optimize project resources and budget by making the most meaningful tweaks and enhancements iteratively using an agile approach during the design process.
  • Ensure project success by validating design decisions and correcting potential pitfalls – backed by user data – as part of the design process, not after launch.
  • Scalable approach enables you to maximize project timelines and budgets by getting user insights within project and budget constraints.

We work collaboratively with you on:

Recruiting: Our team can work with you to recruit research participants or work with the users you already have identified.

Prototype development: We can use functional HTML prototypes, clickable wireframes, or paper prototypes. Our team can help you identify which would best meet your projected objectives and help develop the prototype, or we can use whatever your team has already created.

Reporting: We collaborate with your project team during usability sessions to create actionable recommendations that can be implemented. Typically, we can deliver the findings document in as little as one business day following the usability sessions. If your team needs to circulate the results internally and present them to various stakeholders, we can create a report presentation for them to use.


UX Diagnostic


The UX Diagnostic is our fastest and most cost-effective usability study and is perfect for clients who have a single feature, process or section of a site they need to quickly evaluate and optimize. In 2-3 business days, our UX Diagnostic service employs a condensed or lean usability methodology to assess the effectiveness of the experience and make recommendations for improvement.

We provide the lab, facilitator, and analysis team… and our client provides the participants and the prototype or site.

Benefits of a UX Diagnostic:

Speed. Within a single week, you can have a clear understanding of how to proceed.

Nimble approach that enables you to target your efforts when there is only a single feature or page that needs to be optimized.

Cost effective approach to user research that most project budgets can accommodate.


Research Lab Rental

If all you need is a research space, consider renting our research lab. The lab is available for rent… and is perfect for those who appreciate a great experience as much as we do and can be used for both usability evaluations and focus groups.

Our lab has the technical capability to allow you to evaluate user experiences on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. We also offer digital recording – of both screen and usability participants (picture-in-picture) as well as hosting and catering services.

Our research lab was designed by and for user research professionals. We’ve spent nearly two decades in labs across the country, and have incorporated our favorite features and ideas into the design of our research space.



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